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How to Unsecure PDF file with or without Password

If you have a secured PDF file with a complex password, and you are thinking about how to unsecure PDF. From here you will get 4 best solutions to unsecure PDF file without password.Learn more >>

How to Remove PDF Password Online

Adding an open password or permission password to a PDF is a common method for us to protect files from being accessed by strangers. But if you forget the password and want to remove PDF password for other reasons, what should you do? Keep reading, I hope this article will benefit you a lot.Learn more >>

How to Password Protect PDF on Windows 10

This article lists 6 different methods to show you how to password protect PDF. Like adding an open password or a permission password to your PDF file, you can do it easily.Learn more >>

5 Top PDF Password Crackers in The World 2021

This article lists 5 top PDF password crackers, they are enough to allow you to crack password-protected PDF files in different situations. And I have tested them one by one on my computer and got the results, you can choose one of them to work for you.Learn more >>

How to Remove Password from PDF without Lossing Data

A PDF file is protected by an open password or permission password. What should you do if you want to remove PDF password? Whether you know the password or not, you can follow the methods described in this article to remove password from PDF without losing data.Learn more >>

How to Break PDF Password on Windows and Mac

You may be at a loss when you cannot open an encrypted PDF file. This article lists the 5 best ways to break PDF password for Windows and Mac users. I also tested them on my machine, and all got the results. You can choose one of them you like to try.Learn more >>

How to Add Password to PDF? 5 Free Methods to Choose From

Not every user encrypts the PDF file before sharing it online or offline. But you must add password to PDF file before sharing it if it contains confidential information about you, your business, or the recipient. As for how to do it, this article will let you know.Learn more >>

6 Top PDF Password Recovery Software and Methods

Many password recovery software have been developed to open password-protected PDF files. This article will reveal 6 widely-chosen PDF password recovery software and password recovery methods for you.Learn more >>

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