Top 6 PDF Password Recovery Software and Methods

Password-protected PDF can be very disappointing when you have forgotten or lost the password. During such scenarios. Those without the password cannot perform functions such as opening, copying, editing, and printing the files. You will need to make use of a PDF Password Recovery software. These software are available and easily accessible. A password recovery tool will remove the password and then create another protection-free file that has no password, some of them can even recover password from PDF for you. #1: PDF Password Recovery Online Free

Password will enable you to recover password on PDF online. It also applies to other types of files; Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RAR, and Zip files. You will not need to download any software or third-party applications to work on this website. All the action about PDF password recovery takes place online with the help of the Password online-recovery servers.

Password will creatively remove password from the PDF online free, unlock it, preview it. Then you can save it to your desired storage location. You will need a good internet connection and a working Email, and you can use it on all devices; Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android devices. Whenever you need to use the tool, simply search for it using your preferred browser from the web. The interface displayed will have a display box where you can upload your password-protected file. There is also an option to drag and drop. The process will begin once you key in the password to your file. After completion, you will get a downloadable password-free file.

Upload PDF file


Pros: Cons:
  1. ● It is easy to use.
  2. ● It is free to use (Weak password).
  3. ● You are not required to download or install the tool.
● Pay for cracking strong passwords.
● The uploaded file must be within 500MB.
● Verification emails can easily be ignored.


John the Ripper #2: PDF Password Recovery Tool Free

John the Ripper is a free open-source tool for password recovery. As a popular tool when it comes to PDF password recovery since it combines several password crackers into one, and then auto-detect hash types, and provide a password cracking program for this.

You can run John the Ripper against several encrypted password formats with the inclusion of some crypt password hashes found on Unix systems. John the Ripper will support algorithms for encryption such as MD5 and DES. There are additional modules that have enabled the tool to incorporate MD4 based hashes and also the passwords stored in MySQL and LDAP.

John the Ripper was primarily developed for Linux. However, it can now run on different platforms. It is available for macOS, Windows, BeOS, DOS, and OpenVMS (needs a contributed patch). You won't directly unlock your PDF file with the tool. During use, you will need to extract the PDF hashes first using a special command line. The tool will then use a word list to make password guesses and break your PDF password. It employs the Brute Force Attack mode.

John the Ripper


Pros: Cons:
  1. ● Quickly recover weak passwords.
  2. ● It is a reliable system with good recovery.
  3. ● You can run it in your system background.
● Not recommended for beginners.
● You need to know how to use command parameters.
● Complex passwords can take a long to crack or even fail.


Adobe Acrobat Reader #3: PDF Password Recovery Tool

Adobe Acrobat is the complete solution for PDF that you can perform all PDF-related tasks free, such as create, view, edit, convert, digitally sign, export, and encrypt PDF files. The advanced version (called Adobe Acrobat Pro) provided by it can recover and remove a PDF password, and can also allow you to revoke restrictions that are on the PDF for task completions like copying, editing, page extraction, and printing. Adobe Acrobat Pro has an easy-to-use interface and is simple to use works by removing the restrictions imposed on a file disabling the security settings.

You must download and install this program before usage. It usually removes passwords and permissions protection. It supports Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. To use it, you will have to first open your PDF file with this program, then type the password. Once the file is open, you should navigate to the Lock icon. Now, go to the "Security" settings tab and disable them- Permissions details> Security>No. In this way, you will get the PDF file without any password protection.

Remove password from PDF


Pros: Cons:
  1. ● It is an easy-use and secure tool.
  2. ● Multifunctional and professional software.
● Only the paid version supports removing the restriction
● You might not be able to use it fully without an open password.


Google Drive #4: PDF Password Recovery Free

If the above software and methods bore you, you can also use Google Drive to complete the task of PDF password recovery without software. Google Drive would be termed as a modern-day hard drive with cloud-based storage. It allows you to save files online and to access them at any time, anywhere with your device- computer, smartphone, or tablet. It supports Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. With it, you can upload and edit your files online. It allows you to back up your files, and it is built integrated with products and services by Google.

When you have a PDF file password-protected on your Google drive, and you forget the password. You will only need to navigate to the Google Drive website using your browser. Log in and open the page of Google Drive (you have to click on Go to Drive and fill in your email and password if you are not logged in.) Proceed to upload the file using the "New" or "File Upload" button. To open your password-protected file, put a key in the password followed by Submit. The password-protected PDF will be converted into a new PDF (or other Word format) without any changes and saved on the computer. Now, you are free to access it.

Google Drive


Pros: Cons:
  1. ● It is a free and multipurpose process.
  2. ● The interface is highly intuitive and very easy to use.
  3. ● It allows you to access and share your file(s) conveniently.
● You must have a Google account to use it.
● It won’t work for you without PDF password.


iSeePassword Dr.PDF #5: PDF Password Recovery Software on Windows 10

Being a top-rated password-recovery program, iSeePassword Dr.PDF is suitable for all sorts of users. It offers the simplest PDF password recovery method (Only three steps) to recover a forgotten password (please go to the first function "Recover Password from PDF"), and remove copying, editing, and printing restriction from a PDF file without destroying your internal data (go to the second function "Remove Owner Password from PDF"). Three different password attack types provided by it can crack any complex PDF password:

Dictionary Attack-- It can find the correct PDF password from the dictionary file provided by the user.

Brute-Force with Mask Attack -- Recover PDF password according to the password length, character range, prefix, and suffix information provided by the user.

Brute-Force Attack -- It will try and crack all character combinations that may be passwords one by one.

Brute-Force with Mask Attack is a commonly used option by people. Accord to the details you provide, precise and shorten the range of the PDF password, and accelerate the speed of PDF password recovery. And multi-core CPU processing and GPU acceleration make this program a perfect solution for password recovery. You can easily download it on your Windows or Mac and complete the task of PDF password recovery with Dr.PDF.

Brute-Force with Mask attack


Easy to use: Download & Install Dr.PDF on Windows 10 PC, select the first option “Recover Open Password from PDF "(Since the goad here is to recover PDF password). And Add the encrypted PDF File. Choose your preferred attack type. Finally, go to the PDF password recovery process. You will get the password within a few minutes and then you can open the locked PDF file. You will find an unencrypted PDF file on your Mac. The only difference between it and the previously encrypted file is that the former is password protected.

Recover PDF password


Most users admire this program for its fast password recovery speed. It can recover and crack all kinds of passwords without any passwords so that you can quickly open encrypted PDF files. Try it now if you want the simplest PDF password recovery solution!


Pros: Cons:
  1. ● Compatible with both Windows and Mac.
  2. ● PDF files can be uploaded in batches.
  3. ● No need for any skills or technical knowledge.
  4. ● The free version can recover password within 3 characters.
  5. ● Recover password and remove other restrictions from PDF without password.
● Pay for recovering strong passwords.
● Does not support Linux system.


Preview App #6: PDF Password Recovery App on Mac

When it comes to PDF password recovery on Mac, most people will think of Preview first, that right! The Preview does remove passwords from PDF on Mac. Apple makes Preview as a built-in function of macOS. You can make Preview work on Mac without downloading other software. Its functions are much more than just for users to open, browse and edit PDF files. Preview can sign, protect and Combine PDF files. And convert images, and delete background for the photo. It supports TIFF, PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PDF, and other file formats.

What's more worth mentioning is that it is easy to remove a password from PDF. Just open the encrypted PDF file in Preview (with your PDF open password). And then click "File" in the menu at the top of the screen, select "Export As." Next in the "Export As" dialog box, rename the PDF file, remember where it will be saved, but do not check the "Encrypt" button, save it at the end. After completing all the steps, the PDF file will be saved on Mac with another name. The most important thing is that it is a password-free PDF file.

Remove PDF password on Mac


Pros: Cons:
  1. ● Free App.
  2. ● No need to download and install other software.
● Only work for Mac.
● The PDF password is indispensable.


Final Comment

With the tools and utilities provided here, you can achieve the purpose of PDF password recovery or remove password. You only need to choose what works best for you as they all have their own merits and demerits. The most ideal software is iSeePassword Dr.PDF if you don't remember the PDF open password. Many individuals and business organizations are using this program to batch-remove PDF passwords. It is fast, effective, and quite affordable.


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