5 Top PDF Password Cracker in The World 2021

Password protection for PDF is used by many. Which always offers great protection against data stealing and unauthorized access. However, such passwords can also become an issue when you completely or partially forget them. In such a case, you may panic, especially if the file is urgently needed as you now cannot access it. Therefore, you'd better know how to crack pdf file password. There are top PDF password crackers you can use, and we provide you with some of the best solutions here.

1. PDF Password Cracker in Linux

PDFCrack is an open-source and readily available command line Linux utility for cracking PDF passwords. this PDF password cracker can be used on the files you have permission to unlocks or those you own. It uses a combination of characters during the process and can take some time as it utilizes only a single CPU core. Brute forcing and wordlists are used during the process.

It supports all known PDF version standard security handlers (revisions 2, 3, and 4). The cracking process can. However, be increased with character subsets. If you fear that your CPU can be damaged for any reason, you can cancel the password cracking process by using the shortcut Ctrl+C. It will try to save your process state, and you can resume the process later.

Crack PDF password


Pros: Cons:
  1. ● It supports owner and user passwords.
  2. ● It is readily available for Linux and Windows.
  3. ● It has an optimized search for an owner password when the open password is known.
● Not working on Mac OSX.
● Need to know how to use command line parameters.
● The latest version was released on 2019-10-03.


2. PDF Password Cracker Online Free

Password-online.com is a powerful online password recovery website. You will not be required to download any software or make any installations to recover the password of any type of file on this website, like Doc, Docx, Xlsx, PPT, RAR, Zip, and 7zaip, etc. And it can also remover passwords from PDF online on Windows OS, Linux, and smartphone (Apple) devices. As well as can reset or recover passwords from laptops and desktop computers. You can reset a password by deleting or replacing it directly from the PDF file, and you can upload any encrypted file for password cracking. Because it provides three types of password attacks to recover PDF passwords for different users, such as brute force attacks, dictionary attacks, and plain text password attacks are enough to complete the task for you.

The whole process of recovering PDF passwords online is simple: Open the password online recovery website, and upload your encrypted file on the displayed box from its storage location. The online program then proceeds to recover the password. After completion of the process, you are presented with a download link or a download button from which you use to download your PDF file.

Crack PDF password online


Pros: Cons:
  1. ● It is cost-effective and fast.
  2. ● Very minimal tasks to be conducted.
  3. ● No risks are involved as the file's original format is maintained.
● The uploaded file cannot exceed 500MB.
● It takes a long time to process complex passwords.


3. PDF Password Cracker on APK

APK (Android Package Kit) is a file format tool that is used by an Android Operating system to distribute and install mobile apps. Third-party sources offer APK. An APK file is similar to the .exe file used by Windows and Package Installer used by Mac for software installation. You will be required to fully understand how you can use APK or the APK MOD file. Even if you download the tool on your computer, you will need to transfer it to your android device. It employs Brute force or Dictionary attack in cracking a PDF password.

PDF password cracker on Android


What needs to be done: Download the PDF Password Cracker.apk tool into your Android device. And allow third-party apps onto your device. And then navigate to "Menu," proceed to "Settings," followed by "Security." From here now, check the "Unknown Sources." It allows the phone to install apps from other sources besides the Google Play Store. Locate the downloaded PDF Password Cracker.apk file by navigating to the location on your browser or file manager and install it on your Android device. After that, your tool is now ready to use for password cracking.

Pros: Cons:
  1. ● It is easy to use.
  2. ● It can support non-English password characters.
  3. ● APK files are safe when obtained from secure sites.
● It is an android-based password cracking tool
● If downloaded from unsafe sites, APK files can harm your device.
● The cracking process can take a while if your device performs poorly.


4. PDF Password Cracker Software Free

GuaPDF is a prominent password cracking tool for Windows that will enable you to unlock PDF passwords and remove any restrictions within the file without any changes, up to 256-bit key encryption. And it decrypts 40-bit key passwords of whatever length. And it supports GPU acceleration on modern NVIDIA, so the password cracking process won't make you wait too long. Due to the GUI offered by the Windows version, it becomes a bit easier to use. The decrypted file can be opened on any PDF viewer without any password protection and restrictions.

As a free PDF password cracker that doesn??t charge any fees for the services it provides. Just download and install this tool on PC, and then launch it for unlocking PDF password (utilizes only the Brute Force attack). Once the password is found, a new decrypted free file is produced. The original file remains as it is. However, a copy affixed with "decrypted" will show in the file name. This is the accessible one.

PDF password cracker


Pros: Cons:
  1. ● Easy to use.
  2. ● Weak passwords can be easily cracked.
  3. ● Compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS.
● The supported PDF files are up to the latest PDF 1.7 and 2.0.
● It takes 2-3 days or more to crack a strong password.
● It lacks hardware acceleration support technology, 128-bit encryption is not supported.


5. PDF Password Cracker without Password

Dr. PDF has been attested by many as a highly effective PDF password cracker for Windows and Mac users, which provides the opportunity to recover passwords from PDF. What makes this utility even better is that it offers users 2 functional options "Recover Open Password from PDF" is designed to recover the open password from PDF if forget it. And the "Remove Owner Password From PDF" option can remove PDF restrictions to allow for printing, editing, and copying. Dr. PDF offers a free trial for anyone to cracks a three-character (Or less) password with the premium features. The paid version does have many advantages and better performance for users to choose from.

Dr. PDF is easy and safe to use as it offers a GUI. Even users not familiar with the tool can unlock PDF passwords without not modify the original data. And it also supports the Multi-core CPU Processing feature, Batch remove feature, and GPU Acceleration feature to help uses upload several PDF files for simultaneous password cracking at high speed.


Crack PDF password without password


For different users to crack passwords with different characters. Dr.PDF provides three password attack methods to recover passwords. Select the "Brute-force Attack" option to unlock the PDF fileif you have no idea about the password. This process will run on the computer for a long time. Or list all the characters that may be passwords in a text file, and upload them to Dr.PDF through "Dictionary Attack." The listed passwords will be loaded and tested one by one until the correct password is found. You can use "Brute-force with Mask Attack" to recover the remaining password characters if you still remember the length, prefix and suffix of the password. Most people choose the Brute-force with Mask attack type, because after filling in the information in the "Setting", it can break the encrypted PDF file and recover the PDF password in the shortest time. Finally, display your password on the screen.



Pros: Cons:
  1. ● Good for beginners.
  2. ● Files can be uploaded in batches.
  3. ● Fast performance, get results right away.
● The free version can only crack passwords within 3 characters.



It is necessary to add password protection to PDF files, but it is also important to know some effective and top PDF password crackers because they can solve the trouble caused by forgetting the PDF password for you. The tools provided here and the methods are given will help you decrypt your file. But they have their advantages and disadvantages. Choose what you feel works efficiently for you. Personally, I recommend you to use Dr.PDF, it is enough to recover the PDF password for you in the shortest time, saving you time and energy.

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