4 Best Solutions to Unsecure PDF File with or without Password

Do you know you can secure PDF files with a password to protect the information stored on the document? Therefore, many people create complex passwords to lock documents. They risk the loss of data when they cannot recall the right password!

They might get in huge trouble if the PDF file contains valuable data for the organization and they need it immediately! So, what will you do to open the locked PDF file if your PDF is protected and forget the key? Maybe you should try the following solutions to unsecure PDF file!

Solution 1. Unsecure PDF Using CMD (If Know PDF Password)

It is a complex solution of removing PDF protection when you know the open password of the protected PDF file. So, I don't think it is a good idea for beginners. You will need the QPDF command-line program to get the job done. Try the following steps to break your PDF file.

Step 1. Now, download and install the QPDF on your PC.

Step 2. It is time to decrypt your PDF file. Type the following command in the terminal to crack the file:

qpdf-decrypt-password==(Your password) encrypted-filename.pdf decrypted-filename.pdf

Please list the correct PDF password in "Your Password", and press Enter.

Step 3. Find and open the unlocked PDF file. It will have no restrictions and passwords now.

Most users do not have such deep expertise in using the command line. Therefore, they can't gain the desired outcome by trying this solution. Worse, if you are not sure of the PDF password, this process will do nothing for you.


Solution 2. Unsecure PDF Online for Free on Sodapdf.com (If Know Password )

Are you interested in unlocking secured PDF online? Many web portals are offering methods to unsecure PDF files online. You should try this Solution to break secure PDF if you don't want to download any programs. Try the following steps to get the job done!

Step 1. Visit sodapdf.com on your PC to unsecure PDF file.

Step 2. You will get the "Choose File" option at the center of the page. Click the button to upload a protected PDF file from your PC. Suppose your file is stored on cloud storage, you can easily drag and drop it in the "Choose File" box.

Step 3. Now, this online program will seek an open password to unlock the file. Enter your password and this program will remove all the protections automatically. After that, the protected PDF file can be downloaded and previewed.

Unsecure PDF online


This program has been designed to unsecure a PDF file. But It cannot help you in unlocking the file if you don't have the open password! Remember that condition before you try this Solution!


Solution 3. Instantly Unsecure PDF File without Password (Best Recommendation)

Offering configurable attacks to remove all the restrictions from PDF, iSeePassword Dr. PDF is an excellent solution for your demands. This program has the potential to recover the PDF open password. And it can also lift editing, copying, and printing restriction. It is okay if you forgot the password of some important PDF files. Multi-core CPU processing and GPU acceleration features will help you in recovering passwords for multiple PDF files in a few minutes! By the way, it is a premium program that users can crack PDF files without any technical requirements.

iSeePassword Dr.PDF performs flawlessly regardless of the complexity of the open password or other permission passwords. Get this tool right now to unsecure PDF file without password if you don't want secure PDFs to become trouble in your work!


Part 1. Steps to Unsecure PDF Password (PDF Open Password)

Step 1. Install the iSeePassword Dr. PDF program, and double-click on the iSeePassword program icon to launch this program. Now, this program will offer two options Recover Open Password from PDF & Remove Owner Password from PDF. Please select the first option if you want to unsecure PDF without password.

Recover password from PDF


Step 2. Upload your secured PDF file by clicking the "Add File" button. Next, you need an attack-type from Dictionary attack, Brute-Force with Mask Attack, and Brute-Force Attack, this will help you unsecure PDF file.

Add the secured PDF file


Judging from our test results, the Brute-Force with Mask Attack type can crack PDF passwords more quickly, and it requires you to complete some configuration information, just click on the "Settings" button.

The Brute-Force with Mask Attack


Step 3. Once the above steps are completed, you have to press the "Start" button to launch the PDF password recovery program. If nothing else, you will receive the PDF password in a few seconds. Now you can open the password-protected PDF file with this password.

Recover password from PDF


Part 2. Steps to Unsecure PDF Password (PDF Owner Password)

Back to the main interface, select the second option "Remove Owner Password from PDF" because you want to unsecure PDF file to copy, print, or edit the data.

Remove owner password from PDF


Step 2. Now, import the problematic PDF file by clicking the "Add Files" button. Remember, you can add up to 500 protected PDF files at once!

Step 3. You have to pick a location on your PC before you begin the process. Choose a location to store these PDF files where you can easily access PDF files to edit or print the data.

Import the locked PDF files


Step 4. Now. Just click on the "Start" button, and iSeePassword Dr.PDF will take just a few minutes to unsecure PDF without password. After that, you can do any work on PDF files without restrictions!

Remove owner password for PDF


Solution 4. Unsecure Unknown Password PDF File via GuaPDF

GuaPDF is a simple, but effective PDF password removal program. It also has the potential to remove all sorts of restrictions from a PDF file. It uses 2^40 keys to decrypt a PDF file and make it unsecure.

The issue with this password is that it follows a time-consuming process to decrypt PDF files. It has even failed when users have tested it to crack the complex alphanumeric password with special characters. Try the following steps if you wish to give it a try:

Step 1. Download GuaPDF on your PC.

Step 2. Go to the GuaPDF folder on your PC and then launch the executable file.

Step 3. Click the "File" option in the launched tool and then click "Open" to select a secure PDF file.

Step 4. The moment you select the secured PDF file, this program will find whether that file has a "User Password" or not. It will ask you whether you want to remove restrictions or not. Click the "Yes" button to continue.

Remove PDF password


GuaPDF will take some time to unsecure the PDF file and then you can modify, print, or edit it. It might take time and not deliver the desired outcome if the password is too long or complex.


Final Thoughts

We have shared the four most widely practiced Solutions about how to unsecure PDF with or without password. You will certainly try the iSeePassword Dr.PDF method because compared with other methods, it is simple and quite effective. And it is an excellent choice if you don't want to waste your time on suspicious programs or Solutions.


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