How to Remove Password from PDF without Lossing Data

Have you locked some important PDF files? What if you want to open a PDF file but don't have a password? Here you will get accurate answers: It is possible to open your protected PDF file, even if you do not have any hint of the unlock key! Some online and offline programs specialize in this task and deliver what you need! We have introduced the 7 most trusted methods to remove password from PDF files with or without passwords. Check each method carefully and try them on your PC!

Method 1. How to Remove Password from PDF with Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is a very popular office application that you can read and edit the contents of the PDF at will, and even create a new PDF file. But when it comes to how to remove password from PDF using Adobe reader, I think this is a challenge, you may need to ask the paid version of Adobe reader for help, it is called Adobe Acrobat Pro, it is capable of helping you remove PDF password. At the same time, you also need to key the PDF password because it is a password-protected file. Now, try to remove the PDF password with it:

Step 1. Install and launch this program on your computer.

Step 2. Open the password-protected PDF file with the password, and you can view and edit the PDF file with Adobe Reader.

Step 3. Click on the "File" button on the menu bar to select "Properties", and then click the "Security" option. You can also click the "Permission Details" option in the left column.

Select the Properties option


Step 4. After going to the "Security" tab, find the "Security Method" and select "No Security" in the drop-down menu.

Remove password from PDF


Step 5. Finally, click the "OK" button to remove PDF password immediately.

Note: Adobe Reader is only available for users to view or edit files. If you need to remove the password, you must enter the correct open password according to its requirements before you can continue.


Method 2. How to Remove Password from PDF File via GuaPDF

GuaPDF is one of the most widely chosen programs to remove password from PDF. This software can crack open passwords from your PDF file. It is compatible with all PDF versions. People try this program for both single PDF file password removal and batch removal, and then they got the result. But it implements a time-consuming technique to crack passwords, Follow the below-given steps if you want to remove PDF passwords with the GuaPDF program:

Step 1. Find this program and download it immediately on the GuaPDF official website. And then launch the program.

Step 2. Click the "File" option given at the top-left corner of the program and then click the "Open" button.

Import PDF file


Step 3. Browse and pick your password-protected PDF files and upload them to the GuaPDF program.

Step 4. GuaPDF will automatically recognize whether your PDF files are password protected or not. If there is password protection, it will initiate the process to break the open password.

Crack PDF password


Note: This program works pretty fast when your PDF files are protected with an ordinary password. But it may take a long time to crack complex passwords!


Method 3. Remove Password from PDF with Google Drive If Know Password

If you are bored with the above software, you can also try this method to remove password from PDF using Google Drive without downloading or installing any software, just a working Google Drive account. The encrypted PDF file will be converted into Word document format or a new PDF in Google Drive to remove the password. In addition, this method can only work for you if you know the PDF password.

Step 1. Open Google Chrome and log in to your Google Drive account:

Step 2. Click the "New" option in the left menu bar, and then select "Upload file" to upload the encrypted PDF file to Google Drive.

Upload PDF files


Step 3. Right-click on the PDF file you just uploaded, select "Open with" and "Google Docs" options to open the encrypted PDF file. You will be asked to enter the PDF password.

Step 4. Once the file is opened in Google Docx, please click the "File" button on the upper left corner of the menu, click "Download as" and select "PDF document" or "Microsoft Word (.docx)" format to download the file again.

Save PDF file


Step 5. Find this unprotected file on your computer and you can access it without password.

Note: After the file is re-converted to other formats, the layout of the file may change. If you don't know the password of the PDF, you can try Dr.PDF to restore it.


Method 4. Remove Password from PDF without Password via Dr.PDF

Dr.PDF is capable of cracking PDF passwords if you can't remember them anymore. It can also remove password protection directly to create a restriction-free PDF file without altering its content because Dr.PDF provided by the iSeePassword is the best tool to unlock such files. At the same time, Dr.PDF offers three types of attacks to unprotect the PDF file. And multi-core CPU processing and GPU acceleration features make it a superfast software to recover passwords and remove PDF restrictions. As well as it supports users to break password protection from numerous files at once without getting sluggish, and works 10-times faster than other highly sophisticated PDF password removal programs. Let's see how this premium tool works:


Step 1. Download and Install iSeePassword Dr.PDF

Open your web browser and visit, and go to the products page and click on the PDF Password Recovery software. It will download quickly and install within a few seconds. Thus, you are all set to initiate the process.

pdf password remover


Step2. Add PDF Files

Launch the Dr. PDF program on your PC since you want to remove password from PDF file without password, so select the first option "Remove Open Password from PDF." And then, click the "Add Files" option to upload your locked PDF files.

pdf password remover import file


Step 3. Choose a Password Attack Type

Choosing the best match from three different password attack types:

  1. Brute-force Attack - If you have no memory of the password at all, it will help you recover the password, but it will take a long time.
  2. Brute-force with Mask Attack- If you remember the case, characters, and length of the password, this type can quickly recover them.
  3. Dictionary Attack- If you are not sure of your password, write down all possible passwords on the list, and then it will check for you one by one.
  4. Here take Brute-force with Mask Attack as an example, and then provide the information it needs. As shown below:

pdf password remover options


Step 4. Recover PDF Password for You

The last thing you need to do is click the "Start" button to initiate the password-removal process! Once it succeeds, you will get the original password on the screen. You can open the PDF file with it.

pdf password remover done


In addition, Dr.PDF will also remove all sorts of printing, copying, and editing restrictions so that you can change the content of the file. For more functions, please visit the second part "Remove Owner Password from PDF".


Method 5. Remove Password from PDF on Mac Using Preview

Preview is a powerful application that comes with Mac. One of them is the ability to unlock PDF passwords for Mac users. This is also a method that most Mac users are familiar with. Like other methods, you can only make it work if you know the open password. Here you will learn how to remove password from PDF via Preview.

Step 1. Right-click the encrypted PDF file, and click on the "Open with" to open the file with "Preview".

Open PDF file with Preview


Step 2. Enter the password as required to open your PDF file. Click on the "File" button in the upper menu bar, and select the "Export" option to enter the file export section.

Step 3. In the "Export as PDF" dialog box, please set the rename and save the location of the PDF file, but do not encrypt it.

Save PDF file on Mac


Step 4. Click on the "Save" button to complete all changes.

You will find an unencrypted PDF file on your Mac. The only difference between it and the previously encrypted file is that the former is password protected.


Method 6. How to Remove PDF Security without Password (Permission Password)

PDF Password Remover tool is a free program to unlock permissions passwords on PDF files offered by PDF Technologies. This program has entertained many users recently because it is perfectly capable of removing weak owner passwords from PDF files, and it is available for all the popular Windows operating systems. Thus, with the help of PDF Password Remover tool, you can unlock permissions password for editing, copying, and printing on PDF files. Follow the below-given tips to achieve your goal:

Step 1. Download the PDF Password Remover tool on your PC and install it.

Step 2. Launch the tool once it is perfectly installed, and then click the "Open PDF" button to upload the protected PDF file.

Remove PDF password


Step 3. Now, press the "Convert" button give at the bottom to remove the permissions password and unprotect your PDF file.

Note: As mentioned earlier, this program is free, but it won't help you if the PDF file is protected with a complicated alphanumeric password! And it can not remove the PDF open passwords, if you have problems in this regard, please switch to other password cracking tools. Recommend iSeePassword Dr.PDF.


Method 7. Remove PDF Security Password Online Free on

Do you want to quickly remove PDF security password online? Now, you can do this easily at for free. because this website has the potential to remove editing or modification restrictions. You can upload up to 400MB PDF files on this web app and crack it. Let's find out how you can remove pdf restrictions:

Step 1.Go to and select the Unlock PDF option

Step 2. Browse the locked PDF file on your PC and then upload it to to break passwords. (Click the "Browse" button or drag the file to upload it).

Step 3. Now. Enter the PDF password as required, and then click "Unlock File!" to start the password cracking process.

Enter PDF password


Step 4. After success, click the "Download" button to get a password-free PDF file.

Remove password from PDF


Note: You won't be able to proceed to the next step without the PDF open password. Only after upgrading to the premium plan, you are allowed to decrypt multiple PDF files in a few minutes. It may fail to unlock PDFs locked with complex passwords.


Final Comment

As you have read in this post, the above 7 different methods are enough to help remove password from PDF. Have a try the iSeePassword Dr.PDF If you are still helpless. This program will quickly recover password for opening PDF files and remove all the restrictions to make the PDF files editable.


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