How to Open Password Protected PDF without Password

Losing the password to your PDF file can cause quite a hassle, especially considering how PDF is one of the most common document formats in people's lives and work. You may simply forget where the password was noted down, and can not continue to work on the PDF file. it can even cause great concern as it can result in permanently losing your saved document. There are certain methods available at your disposal for cracking passwords from PDF easily, we will be discussing four methods that can help you best open password protected PDF without password. Let's have a look!

Method 1. Open Password Protected PDF Online for Free

First up on our list is an online website about unlocking password website -- Although it provides a free way to remove password from PDF. But if you want to get more features in this online service, this may not be the best option as it is very limited. With that said, here's how you can open your password protected PDF file online.

Step 1. First of all, search for the Smallpdf website from your computer.

Step 2. Once you access the website, do free registration and go to the password unlocking section, then upload your PDF file by clicking the "CHOOSE FILE" button.

Choose file


Step 3. After uploading the PDF file, Pinky Swear the rights to edit the file, and then enter your PDF password. Next, click on "Really Unlock" buttion. The tool will now break your password.

Enter the open password


Step 4. Finally, You can get the PDF file by clicking on the "Download" button on the screen. And you are allowed to open it without any passwords.

Click on the download button


Method 2. Quickly Open Password Protected PDF without Password

The iSeePassword Dr.PDF is a powerful password recovery tool available on various operating systems. As i know, this may be one of the most commonly used tools for recovering PDF password if forget it, the reasons are that it can process multiple PDF files in batches and the User-friendly interface with quick performance so that the results can be given in 5 minutes. The features it provides are quite flexible and convenient and will not bring any attacks to other folders on the computer.

Here are 4 easy steps on utilizing the iSeePassword Dr.PDF tool to open PDF without password.


Step 1. Download & Installation

Open the browser and go to the official website to download the iSeePassword Dr.PDF tool. After this, make sure to properly install the downloaded file on your computer.

Reset PDF password


Step 2. Importing the PDF Document

After installation, get the program running and click the "Recover Open Password from PDF" option. Next, choose the password protected PDF you'd want to import for resetting the password. After choosing your file, proceed by clicking on the "Add File" button.

Step 3. Select the Attack Type

Once the selected PDF file is imported, You must choose a password reset attack type from the Brute force attack, Brute-force with mask attack, and Dictionary attack.

Brute-Force with mask attack


Because we are now talking about how to open password protected PDF without password, so the "Brute-force with mask attack" type would be the best option, then, click on the "Settings" button to the right of it. If you still have some memory of the old password, complete the content of the following figure. (The length of the password, characters, and special symbols, etc).



Step 4. Initiate PDF Password Removal

After choosing your preferred settings, click on the "Ok" button. Soon, the progress bar will display the pace of your password recovery operation.

Loading the password


The entire operation will generally depend on your password length and once completed, it'll be immediately notified. After that, you can copy it down by tapping "Copy". Now you can get into your PDF with this password.

Reset password from PDF


Remove Owner Password from PDF

If you can only open password protected PDF files but are not allowed to edit, copy or even print the PDF, Now you need to go to the second option of iSeePassword Dr.PDF "Remover Owner Password from PDF". This is your right choice to get more permissions. Once successful, you can do whatever you want on the PDF at will.

Step 1. Now, go back to the main interface of the iSeePassword Dr.PDF program, and select the second option to unlock a secured PDF for editing.

Remove owner password from PDF


Step 2. Click "Add File" at the top of the interface, now you are allowed to import multiple PDFs into this program in batches from your computer, then at the bottom of the interface, check "Save targer file(s) in source folder". Once the PDF file is unlocked, it will be automatically saved to the place you specify on the computer.

And finally, you can start by clicking the "Start" button to begin the password removal process.

Remove owner password


Step 3. If everything is done according to the correct instructions, the password removal process will roughly take around 5-10 seconds, after which the PDF you selected will now be free of passwords.


Method 3. Open Password Protected PDF Using John the Ripper

John the Ripper is another free password recovery tool available for Unix, Mac, Windows, and more. It operates by combining numerous password crackers and detects password hashes. This is no doubt one of the most well-known tools for recovering passwords, however, the downside is that it may seem a little confusing to operate for beginners and the program is prone to crashing.

Here's how to get started with John the Ripper.

Step 1. Before starting with John the Ripper, you'll have to first extract the password hash from a password-protected PDF file. Now, this can be executed either by installing the Perl script then opens the command prompt window on your computer and enter:

./john/run/ /root/Desktop/test.pdf> root / pdf.hash

Step 2. Once the hash file is extracted, you can now use the default wordlist provided by John the Ripper to crack the password of the password protected PDF file.

/john Desktop / crackpdf.hash?Cwordlist wordlists.txt

Step 3. Finally, you just need to wait until John the Ripper gives the result. Don't worry about it, as John the Ripper will take some time to unlock the password for the PDF, especially when it is a complicated password.

John the Ripper


Method 4. How to Open PDF Using RubyPDF PDFCrack

The RubyPDF PDFCrack?is an open-source (GPL) PDF password remover for GNU/Linux. It is easily accessible for recovering password to open password protected PDF. Due to its limited functionality, this particular method can be found lacking in certain areas, it does not support batch uploads and takes a long time.

Step 1. You'll have to first open the command prompt window. Next, run the pdfcrack/pdfcrack.exe and it'll start to list out various options available. Now, the default command syntax will look like this:

pdfcrack -f filename OPTIONS


Step 2. Any of the options listed are completely optional and not necessarily required. Hence, to proceed with PDFCrack for recovering and breaking the owner or user password, simply insert the following command:

pdfcrack -f locked.pdf

Step 3. Make sure to replace "locked.pdf" with the name of the actual password-protected PDF file. After this, you can further the breaking process, specifying the possible characters to brute force attack the PDF password.


Wrapping Up

We've provided some of the best tools currently available so that you can tackle the "forgotten password" issue quite effectively, however, we do recommend the iSeePassword Dr.PDF to open password protected PDF without password as it's excellent workability will make you more satisfied.


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