How to Copy Secured PDF Text without Password

If you find a PDF with the information you're looking for, however, it is encrypted! You won't be able to copy secured text from the PDF if you don't have the password. But, don't be discouraged, things are not as bad as you think, you can bypass the password and open your locked PDF to copy secured text, maybe you need some help to do this, please keep reading the following content, because this article shows you 4 solutions through which you can remove the restriction and copy secured PDF.

All the solutions recommended in this article are obtained through countless tests by our team and will not bring any danger.

Solution 1. Free Unlock PDF and Copy Secured Text

Cain & Abel is a free-to-use password recovery software that can work on various types of passwords. In addition, as it is one of the professional password cracking software, in our test, we found that it does not seem to be the best choice for beginners because it involves skills far beyond the scope of beginners. And it takes a lengthy process to get the result.

Step 1. Download and install Cain& Abel on your computer.

Step 2. Before cracking the password for PDF, the hash value in the PDF file needs to be extracted, Online Hash Crack can help you automatically extract the hash value from the secured PDF file. And then copy and paste it into the text file.

Extract the hash value from PDF file

Step 3. Next, run the Cain& Able tool on your computer, click the "MD5 Hashes" tab on the interface, and then Press on the "+" button to import the hash value. And select the password attack type from "Dictionary Attack, Brute-Force Attack, Cryptanalysis Attack".

In my point, you better choose the Brute-Force Attack option, then click the "Start" button to unlock the password from the secured PDF. Finally, you can open your PDF without a password and copy secured PDF text.

Crack password from PDF


Solution 2. Recover PDF Password First and Copy Secured PDF Text Using Dr.PDF

Anyone who has used iSeePassword knows that it is a multi-functional password recovery software because it supports multiple types of password cracking workings. It can not only crack unknown passwords from PDF without any resistance, but also easily reset passwords from Windows, Excel, Word, and Zip, etc.

About unlocking PDF passwords, iSeePassword specially designed Dr.PDF for users that provide different attack types for different users to achieve their goals. What makes this software so unique is that it can help you recover open passwords from PDF and remove owner passwords from PDF. Here's how you can use it to copy secured PDFs.


Recover Open Password From PDF

Step 1. Firstly, open their official website and download the software.

Step 2. Install the software on your PC and once it's done, click on the "Recover Open Password From PDF" option.

Recover open password from PDF

Step 3. You need to click on the "Add File" button to import the secured PDF on the following screen. After that, you'll have to choose the attack type. Go for "Brute-Force attack with Mask Attack".

Add the PDF file


This attack type will recover the password as quickly as possible. Of course, before starting, you need to fill in some information about the password, such as the length of the password and the case of the characters, and then click the "Start" button to start the password recovery process.


Step 4. After its done, the password will be displayed. Copy it and use it to access the secured PDF. After that, you can copy the text from the PDF.

Recover password from PDF


Remove Owner Password From PDF

If this PDF is restricted by the permission password, no editing, printing, and copying are allowed without the password. So, only if these restrictions are removed, you are allowed to copy secured text. Now, it is time to remove owner passwords from PDF with iSeePassword Dr.PDF.

Step 1. Open the software and on the main interface, click on "Remove Owner Password from PDF". After that, click on the "Add File" button to import one or multiple PDF files with restrictions.

Remove owner password from PDF


Step 2. Choose the folder where you want to save the PDF after they're unlocked and hit on the "Start" button.

Import the locked PDF files


Step 3. In a matter of seconds, the PDF will be unlocked and saved in your chosen folder. You can now easily copy secured PDF text.

Remove password from PDF


Solution 3. Quickly Remove Restrictions to Copy Secured PDF Text

Are you looking for a free-to-use and easy solution? is the right option for you. You don't have to download anything, and you don't need to pay a dime. In addition, this is only a free online website that can remove PDF restrictions for editing, printing, and copying, but not to crack passwords, so before doing that, you need to enter the open password if the PDF has one.

Step 1. Open, and click on the "Choose File" button to browse your folders and choose the PDF you want to unlock, then click on the "Unlock" button.

Upload PDF file


Step 2. Once the restriction is removed, a link to download the PDF will appear on the screen, choose the way you think is convenient to open or save this PDF file. After that, you can access the PDF and copy secured text from PDF without password.

Save the PDF file


Solution 4. Copy Secured PDF Text Online if Know Password is a free online website that can help you open and copy secured text from PDF. It's effortless to use. Not just that, it's also multi-lingual and supports numerous languages such as French, Portuguese, Dutch, English, and many others. If this Secured PDF is restricted by an open password, this solution will be useless to you if you don't know the password. Here's how you can open your secured PDF on

Step 1. Open and click on the "Upload PDF files" button and choose the secured PDF file.

Step 2. After it's been uploaded, click on the "Unlock PDF" button. Then you need to enter the open password if the PDF has one. In a few minutes, the PDF will be unlocked and ready to download.

Enter the open password

Step 3. Finally, click on the "Download" button to download the unlocked PDF. After that, you can copy secured PDF text.

Download the PDF file



To copy secured PDF text without a password, all of the above-mentioned solutions have their advantages. If you want a free online tool to use, and are fantastic online websites, but the premise is that you must know the open password of your secured PDF. However, if you want the best results, we highly recommend you to go for iseePassword Dr.PDF, because not long ago, some users have used it to print PDF without a password. Hope you can succeed too.


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