How to Break PDF Password on Windows and Mac

To prevent some important data from leaking, people will password protect PDF files on their Windows or Mac. Sometimes, remembering the passwords becomes tricky and can be troublesome when a particular PDF file can't be opened. However, there are now several ways and tools that can help one break PDF file on Windows and Mac. You will still be required by some methods to know the password beforehand so as to remove or unlock it. Below, we provide you with some of the methods and tools you can use to break PDF password.

Part 1. Instantly Break PDF Password Online on is a password recovery service website that can break PDF passwords online, and it can recover passwords for other types of files, such as MS Office documents and Zip, RAR, 7z, etc. It is specially designed for users who want to crack encrypted files without a password. With it, users can easily recover weaker passwords for PDF, but if the password is too strong, users need to pay some fees to complete the task. Now, let's get started!

Step 1. Using your browser visit

Step 2. Complete verification on the main interface, and upload your password-protected PDF file by drag and drop, and the button "or click here" should also work.

Break PDF password online


Step 3. After the upload is successful, LostMyPass will automatically start to recover the password, and you will see the entire process and time of its work on the screen.

Remove PDF password online


Step 4. Once the task is completed, you will get the open password for PDF, and you can click on the "Download Unlocked File" button to download and save the password-free PDF file on computer.

Download PDF file


Note: The maximum size of uploaded files should not exceed 100M. Free work only supports those weaker passwords.


Part 2. Break PDF Password on Mac Using Preview

Mac's Preview is a PDF or image viewer which will allow you to view and print the images or PDF documents. On Mac, PDFs are automatically opened by default using Preview. The tool supports a variety of image files such as JPEG, PSD, TIFF, and PNG and their conversion to different file types. The application also allows one to combine PDFs and transfer their pages. Furthermore, using Preview is an easy and fast method to break PDF. To break PDF password using this Mac application:

Step 1. Navigate to your password-protected PDF right-click or double-click. Now select "Open With" then "Preview".

Break password from PDF


Step 2. Now, you should see the prompt that the file is password protected and now you will need to key in the password then Enter.

Enter password to open PDF


Step 3. At the top, you should see and click on the "File" option. Now select the "Export" option.

Step 4. Now rename your file from the "Export as" field, select a new storage location, and uncheck the "Encrypt" box.

Encrypt PDF file


Step 5. Proceed to "Save". You should now have a password-free PDF that is still similar to the original one. Now, you can find and open the password-free PDF file.

Note: Preview does offer a good way for users to open a secured PDF file, but it only works for those users who know the opening password.


2.1. Break Password from PDF on Mac with Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is a renowned tool when it comes to PDFs. It will allow you to view, edit, and also create PDF files. However, Adobe Reader (a free tool) will not enable you to break PDF files, and hence you need the Adobe Acrobat Pro version. Adobe Acrobat Pro is a paid version of Adobe Reader that will enable you to break PDF password. The tool will work on Mac, Windows, and Android devices as well. The tool is simple to use, secure, and the interface is highly intuitive. Let's show you how to use it on Mac to brack PDF password.

Step 1. Using Adobe Acrobat Pro, first, open your password-protected PDF file with the correct password.

Step 2. Once the PDF file opens, from the left, navigate to the "Lock" icon. Then, from the "Security settings", select "Permission Details".

Select Permission Detaile


Step 3. Navigate to the "Security" option and now select "No Security". Follow by clicking "OK". This will remove the open password and all the restrictions.

Select No Security option


Step 4. Click on "File" then "Save" to save your changes. And you only need to click the "Yes" button in the new dialog box that appears. When you try to open your file, you won't be required to enter a password.

Click on the Yes button


Note: If you cannot open the PDF file before this, please switch to Dr. PDF to recover the PDF password. Of course, Dr.PDF can even help you crack password for PDF.


Part 3. Best Way to Break PDF Password on Windows using Dr. PDF

Dr. PDF is a password recovery tool that will recover PDF passwords and break PDF restrictions such as copying, editing, and printing for single or multiple files. This tool will work on the latest operating systems for Mac and Windows. The tool makes use of the GPU Acceleration technology and Multi-Core CPU Processing to boost the password cracking speed up to 10x. It has a Batch Remove feature, which allows you to import several files and remove passwords from PDF files simultaneously. The tool also works with PDF files that are created in Adobe Acrobat X. It makes use of 128 or 256- bit AES encryption. The Continue Last Search History Feature automatically saves and avails the last search history details. The tool has a very high recovery rate, is easy to use with a GUI, is secure, and will offer a free trial with no hidden fees.


Step 1. Download and Install this Program

Let's go to the official website to get all the download and installation steps, just follow the prompts on the screen.

Recover password from PDF


Step 2. Upload the PDF File

Now launch the program and from the interface, select the "Recover Open Password from PDF" option. From the screen that now appears, click "Add File" to import and upload your password-protected PDF.

Add locked PDF files


Step 3. Select an Attack Type

You can choose one of the three attack types it provides: The Brute Force Attack, Dictionary Attack, and Brute Force with Mask Attack type.

In our test, I chose the Brute Force with Mask Attack type that uses any known password information such as symbols, password range, prefixes, suffixes, numbers, and case sensitivity when cracking the password. The attack type is highly recommended as it is very fast.

The Settings of the Brute Force Attack


Step 4. Break Password from PDF

Hit "Start" for the password cracking to begin. After a while, the recovered password should be displayed, and you can employ it in opening and accessing your original encrypted PDF file.

Recover password from PDF


As I mentioned earlier, Dr.PDF works even whereby the PDF has restrictions such as those of editing and printing. The whole process can be completed automatically without a password. It can help users recover PDF passwords, and can also remove permission restrictions for users. It involves the second option "Remove Owner password from PDF". If you want to unlock PDF for editing, printing, and copying, it is available for you to try.


3.1. How to Break PDF Password without Software via Google Chrome

Google Chrome is probably the most widely used web browser. It comes with a built-in PDF reader and writer so that you can easily remove password from PDF file. But before that, you must know how to open this encrypted PDF file, because it will only help when you got the original password to open the PDF file. Now, follow the below-explained steps to break PDF password without software.

Step 1. Now, drag and drop the password-protected PDF file to your Chrome web browser.

Step 2. The Chrome web browser will open the PDF file. And it will ask for the open password to give you access to the content.

Open PDF file


Step 3. Now, you have to give the "Print" command for the opened PDF file. You can do it through the File menu or press the Ctrl+P keys together to print the file.

Step 4. Choose a location to save the unlocked PDF file and then click the "Save" button. Now, you can open it without a password.

Google Chrome


Note: Google Chrome won't help you in cracking PDF passwords! If you don't know how to open your PDF password, please use other professional software to recover the password, like Dr.PDF is enough to do it.


Final Thoughts

How to break PDF password has now been made easy, as indicated above. Using all the above tools and ways will enable you to crack PDF passwords effectively. However, using iSeepassword Dr. PDF is a highly recommended way as the tool will allow you to recover the password very quickly and easily. It employs different techniques with an easy-to-use GUI. The other tools will require you to know the password to enable you to remove it.


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